Food provides energy for the body as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, alcohol and alcoholic beverages form. Food also provides amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and substances necessary for the body to develop and maintain the cell’s activities and organization. So you need to supply for your body vitamin to live and work everyday.

It was found that the lack or excess of nutrients in comparison with demand is result in adverse effects on health and it may lead to illness. We also know that the food is not only nutrients but also the substance that colors, flavors and may contain harmful substances for the body, special for the best protein powder for women. Therefore to have a reasonable meal, safe and delicious to have knowledge about nutrition and food safety, processing techniques, cooking…

  • Consumption of energy

During your life, the human body replace old always innovate and perform biochemical reactions, synthetic building cells; the new organization requires supply energy. That energy comes from food as protein, lipids, and carbohydrates.

Scientists have identified and reflected energy unit-by-unit kilocalories. Read More NUTRITIONAL NEEDS AND ESSENTIAL ENERGY BODY


Human eyes have complex structure with many nerves inside, take responsibilities of received inmages, tranfers and processing information. In modern life, going with the development of industry, the polluted of environment make the city is coverd by dust, this is the main reason to make human eyes easy to be infection, then make the poor vision. This post is presented some typical types of eyes diseases and how to protect your eyes out of this.

  1. Myopic

This disease can happen in any age, from children to aldult and is a genetic disease, from parents to their child. The easiest way to know and clearest symtom is patients cannot or difficult to see the objects at far distance. The causes is look at things at too close distance for a long time, force the eyes neurons have to make the adjustment to familiar with closer objects, then eyes cannot see the far one. Another reason is, parent these day are too depend on smart phone, tablets to attract children, thr frequency of using screen make eyes have to make the adjustment too much time, then it make the mistake and decrease the ability to see far objects.

The proportion of myopic patients is high at the case that both parents of patient are myopic too. Then is the people who have to work a lot with computer, and using eyes much more than others. Read More SOME COMMON DISEASES OF HUMAN EYES


Obesity is becoming the common disease in the mordern life, specially in the developed countries. The reasons for the increase in the number of obesity are the diet and less active in free time. In the period of information technology, time is proved it’s importance by itself, every things have to follow the time, and to save time, eating and relax time are going to shorter. Because of that, fast food are becoming more common and become the main mean for all most of people. And the fact that, the dishes are usually be selected are fried chicken, pizza, french fries, etc. All of them have a lot of cholesterol, lipid, and calories – the major cause make a normal person become obesity.

Female is easier to be over weight than male (the research from the nutrient school – Ohio university, US) and women also is the people who pay more attention about weight. In the past, plump woman is considered the beautiful women, because of that, woman in the eighteenth and nineteenth century prefer plump to thin so they try to eat more to have a plump body. However, from the twenty century, women are prefer the beauty of balance body, eventhough, in some recent years, women are follow the skin and bones trend, as the effect of many international super model. Therefore in current years, when a girl gets the plump body, she will thinks that it is so fat, she is going to over weight, so she need to going on diet to lose weight. The most common way which is be choose is going on diet, even losing weight too much and have bad effects to the health. Many scientists have researched and give for people some of formulas to calculate the suitable weight depend on the height they have. Read More WEIGHT PROBLEMS: PSYCHOLOGY OF OBESE PEOPLE AND THE ATTRACTION


Myopia is the phenomenal of visual disturbances, people are only capable to distinguish small subjects in close distance,when these things are on far distance, eyes cannot clarify and only can see the shadow of this stuff. Physical properties of Miopia are very simple: Pictures of objects that eyes received are cannot focused on the retina, so that the myopia look at objects at long range, brain will received the not cler images.

  1. Symtons

Normally, the myopia can easy inject at young age, when children go to the preschool. Children is difficult to see stuff on far distance, such as letter, numbers on the board, or try to sit near in front of the television or the cinema.

In order to see thing clear, the eyes have to squinting to make thing clearer. Besides, people with myopia cannot see thing clearly when sunset. To look better, myopia patient have to wear glasse, recheck the level each six months, and replace the glasses if necessary. Wearing glasses just help to stop the increasing level of myopia, not cured it. If the vision still keep decreasing, they need to go to hospital to take a closer exams.

  1. Causes

There are many causes of myopia, so that there are some common reasons:

– Reading books or working for long time and have to gaze on specific thing in long time at close range, in low light conditions. Read More MYOPIA AND ITS COMMON KNOWLEDGE FOR CITIZEN


Low blood pressure (also known under the name as hypotension)is a disease that the level of blood pressure is lower than the average, for example, the average level of blood pressure is in range from 90/60 mmHg to 140/90 mmHg, when the data of blood pressure is lower than the average 25 mmHg or up, it is the symton of Low Blood Pressure disease. In some recent years, the number of patients are increase a lot, directly affects daily life activities, such as health condition, working, learning, and quality of life. It is also the prefixed of some other serious disease and make the long term effects to human life if it is not be cured timely. To prevent this disease, people need to understand the principles of blood pressure and some solutions to protect yourself from it.

  1. Blood pressure

Blood pressure is the mesure unit of the impact force of blood on to the artery walls. Blood pressure depends on the pumping power of the heart, the blood volume is pumped, size and elasticity of the arterial wall. Blood pressure is changed due to other outside factors such as temperature, diet, emotional, posture, and use of drugs. To measure, there is some types of blood measurer, both handle and electronic. To know if you are low blood pressure or not, you need to use the measurer frequnetly, and prepare solution or change some hobbies to protect yourself from some heart problems. Read More SOME WAY TO PREVENT LOW BLOOD PRESSURE


Sleeping is very important for our health, no matter for what reason, if you cannot sleep for few day, it will directly affect to all of your daily activities such as, learing, working, and safety. Working and some issues of family are easy to make you stress and decrease the quality of sleeping, or work for too long. During sleeping, we give time to our body resting, regain energy to prepare for a new challenged day, if you do not pay attention to sleeping and sleeping enough time, our body cannot work well and therfore, we will get a low productivity of every work., because sleep is very important for human health.

  1. What is a quality sleep, and the standard for sleeping

The first factor when considering the quality of sleep is amount of time we spending for it. Normally, for baby and children are the most, from 9 to 12 hours per day, for adult, it is about 8 hours, and elder is the least, under 7 hours per day. Secondly, the quality of sleeping need a depth and no dreaming, it is more important than how much time we spent on sleeping. After a good quality sleep, we will feel vary comfortable, clear mind and willing to do the best on woking and studying. Read More THE ROLES OF SLEEP FOR HEALTH